Studio Recording Equipment

*480 Input professional bantam patching system for fast and clean production.
*30 Channel DDA Inline mixing console. (English build - Neve componetry)
*High quality 24 Input digital recording system : RME (High-end German) A/D Conversion and MR816 Class A Preamplification.
*24 Track - MSR-24S 1" Analog tape machine. 
*Neumann KH120A Near field monitoring, AE2 Acoustic Energy and JBL L100 full range monitoring 
*Mackie control, Steinberg CC121 Automation.
*Microphones: Microtech Geffen, Beyer Dynamic, Audio Technica, Milab, Sennheiser, Rode, Shure, AKG, CAD, 
*Huge range of inboard FX, Dynamics processing, Audio control plugins and programs.
*Lexicon, Focusrite, Drawmer, Zoom FX and dynamic outboard equipment
*Extensive sample library and backing production tools including 'Stylus RMX','Easy Drummer', 'Grooveagent 3', 'NI -Battery'
Studio based Instruments include: Maton Southern Star 1983, Maton Full Maple Stage guitar, Maton Semiacoustic Vintage Electric, 
Fender Resonator steel guitar, Yamaha G250-S Classical with pickup, Godin Multilac Nylon acoustic/electric, Custom built Strat 'Cargill', 
Custom built Bass 'Cargill', Fender fretless bass, Collard & Collard Grand piano, Wurlitzer piano, Korg C3 Hammond keyboard, 
Kurzweil keyboard, Novation controller keyboard, Roland HPD-15 Handsonic, Rototoms, Djembes, Various percussion instruments,
Washburn 5 string Banjo, Trevor James solid silver flute,

Multiple acousticly designed recording and mixing spaces. See More

Straw-bale custom design

Sanctuary Sound has been purpose designed and constructed to create the right acoustics for ballanced recording and mixing

Inspiring location

Sanctuary Sound Studio.
Central Tilba, NSW
P: (02) 447-37952